STEMonstrations 2021

Saturday, Sept 25, 11 AM – 1 PM ~ Sun Court/City Gym
The STEMonstration will include multiple booths and hands-on kid-friendly science activities.  Each booth will be hosted by a different organization or scientist so there will be something for big and little scientists alike!

Following activities at the Sun Court, join us for Kids’ Trivia on the Museum lawn (1 – 2 PM) and Nature Walk Bingo (2 – 3 PM) along the Mill Creek Parkway toward the Youth Garden Project. Details below.

National Park Service: Desert Adaptations
On those hot, hot days in the Moab summer, have you ever wondered how you would survive here without air conditioning or a swamp cooler? Well, thousands of plants and animals have adapted to do just that: survive in the desert’s extreme environment! Come to the National Park Service booth to learn more and create your own desert-adapted creature.

National Park Service: Between a Rock and an Arch Place
All natural arches will someday collapse, but can we predict when? Build your own arches to discover how the forces of gravity act on these sandstone superstars! Learn about how scientists are measuring the strength of arches throughout Utah’s national parks and how people use these spectacular spans in our own buildings and architecture!

Canyon Country Discover Center: Moon Game!
We will be playing the Moon game. A challenge for various ages to see if they can survive on the Moon. We will also have Nebula Spin art where participants can learn about nebulae and create some for themselves.

Moab Museum:
Hands-on opportunity for young scientists to observe and interact with real fossils.
Mammoth & mastodon teeth, and dinosaur footprints, oh my!

Paul Graham:
Biology of breathing: CO2 & O2 interactions in the body. Find out why we breathe, what makes us take those vital breaths, and what happens to the air we breath in and how it differs when we breathe out.

Tim Graham:
The little things that run the world: explore the diversity of insects and other invertebrates around us, and how they keep ecosystems running.

Mosquito Abatement Program
Come learn about mosquitoes and what the mosquito abatement district does to help reduce mosquito populations around Moab! Make a buzzing mosquito craft of your own to take home with you, learn about the mosquito life cycle, see real mosquito larvae up close, and how the abatement district tests for West Nile virus. There will be mosquito traps and equipment to get hands on with and other information and tips to learn how to prevent mosquitoes from growing in your own yard!

Canyon of the Ancients: Artifacts of the Ancients

Discover the incredible cultural resources of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument! The Bureau of Land Management will be bringing a display of unique artifacts and interactive items to bring the Canyons of the Ancients Museum to life. We hope to encourage folks to come explore the Museum and the incredible landscape here at the Monument.

Also Featuring activities from:

Leave No Trace

Grand County EMS